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100-130 HP Crawler Tractor

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Crawler Tractor-C1302 crawler tractor belongs to the 100-130HP crawler tractor section. This product is primarily designed for agricultural jobs. In addition, it can also be used for bulldozing operations in common earth works. This tracklaying tractor is equipped with LR6A3Z-22 diesel engine, which is reliable and powerful. Dozer blade is available to suit your specific requirements. The track shoe width is 390mm, and the wheelbase is 2774mm. Please refer to the PDF to find more about this tractor.

The main clutch adopts 14-inch friction plate (commonly used in cargo truck) for long lifetime.
The (6F+2R) engagement sleeve transmission is utilized for high reliability and low operating force, thus improving the operating efficiency of this crawler tractor.
The transmission ratio has been adjusted to reduce the load of the steering clutch.
The ergonomic design of this tractor helps achieve effortless operations.
The digital dashboard, coupled with the new enclosed cab which can be equipped with an air conditioning system, helps provide the driver with more convenient and comfort.

As a crawler tractor manufacturer in China, we at YTO constantly work to satisfy our customers by providing a wide range of farm equipment and construction equipment. Through our over 50 years of experience and consistent efforts, now we offer a comprehensive line of quality products, such as tractor, harvester, bulldozer, paver, and more. Thanks to our focus on product improvement, our products have been awarded the E-mark, OECD, CE and EPA certificates. So please feel secure in purchasing and using them.
If you need any help or advice, please do not hesitate to call our experienced team.

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