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Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine

If you are looking for high quality diesel engine, we are your good choice.
YTO is a professional ISO9001:2008 diesel engine manufacturer in China. Our diesel engines are available in more then 60 types. They are specially designed for tractor and construction machinery.

1. Diesel Engine for Tractor
We can provide more than 30 kinds of diesels for tractor.
These diesel engines are applicable to large or medium wheeled tractor, crawler tractor and harvesting machines whose power is 30ps~220ps.
The air intake mode includes naturally aspirated, supercharged and supercharged inter-cooling.
Our diesel for tractor usually uses mechanical control mode or electric control mode.

2. Diesel Engine for Construction Machinery
Our diesels for construction machinery are available in more than 30 basic types.
They can be used in excavating machinery, loader, bulldozer, road roller, fork truck, paver, motor grader, and crane, etc.
Their air intake mode can be normally aspirated or supercharged.
Their displacement varies from 2.2L to 7.97L.

We have more than 50 years of experience in producing diesel engine, construction machinery and agricultural machinery, etc. Our diesel, combine harvester, road roller, dump truck, earthmover, forklift truck and other products are now successfully sold to many countries in America, Asia, Australia, Africa and more.
If you are interested in any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3. YTO Engine for Generator Set
Engine Model Style Cylinder diameter×engine stroke Total displacement Power Speed Minimum fuel consumption Engine air intake system
mm×mm L kW rpm g/(kW·h)
LR Series LR4B5-D Four cylinder, inline, water-cooled, four stroke, direct injection, electronic governor 108×135 4.95 53 1800 235 Naturally Aspirated
LR4B3Z-D 108×125 4.58 71 1800 230 Turbocharged
LR4M3L-D 110×125 4.75 93 1800 230 Turbocharged and Intercooled
LR6A3L-D 105×125 6.49 120 1800 230
LR6A3L-DA 105×125 6.49 127 1800 230
LR6M3L-DA 110×125 7.13 152 1800 230
YM Series YM6H4LF-D Six cylinder, inline, water-cooled, four stroke, direct injection, electronic governor 120×130 8.82 235 1800 225 Turbocharged and Intercooled
YM6S4LF-D 126×130 9.726 300 1800 220
YM6S9L-D 126×155 11.6 360 1800 215
YM6S9LF-D 126×155 11.6 400 1800 230
YM6S9LF-DA 126×155 11.6 430 1800 230
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