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    1. 24-35HP Wheeled Tractor The lifting force of these products is 2.9KN, 3.2 KN and 4.2KN respectively. Our wheeled tractors are equipped with a double cylinder water cooled four-stroke diesel engine, which is fuel efficient. In addition, our tractors use a single disc clutch. For more detailed information, please refer to the parameter table below ...
    1. 30-40HP Wheeled TractorThere is a sliding sleeve matched for the transmission and power output shaft of the farm tractor. Besides the gear shift, the shuttle shift and creeper gear are optional.
      The wet double disc brake device makes for outstanding brake performance and high safety of the agrimotor.
    1. 40-45HP Wheeled TractorPossessing outstanding reliability and durability, our paddy field tractor has 3/4-cylinder direct injection diesel engine. In addition to the large torque, the device features low energy consumption and environment protection.
      The gear drive is 8F+4R. Specially, the gear configuration for the product of YTO-454 series is 8F+8R.
    1. 60-80HP Wheeled Tractor Our wheeled tractor has multiple gears and a wide speed range
      Hydraulic steering, small turning radius, good maneuverability
      The wet disc brake is equipped for reliable braking performance
      External double acting cylinder helps achieve large lifting force ...
A 2 wheel drive tractor is one of the most common machines used on farms pulling plows, baling hays, planting seeds, etc. Due to its compact size, wide application and ease of operation, 2WD tractor is suitable for use in plains and hill areas.
As a 2WD tractor manufacturer in China, we offer customers various types of 2 wheel drive tractors. As our products are aesthetic, reliable and simple to operate, they are very popular with customers in countries throughout the Europe, America, Africa and Asia.
In addition, we at YTO also offer combine harvester, pickup truck, wheel loader, and other products. Please contact us immediately if you are in need of more detailed information!
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