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    1. 25-35HP Wheeled TractorThe 25-35HP wheeled tractor uses dual clutch, double speed PTO shaft, and two hydraulic outlets. So, application in conjunction with more implements is realized.
      Designed with suspended clutch, brake control system, main and auxiliary side mounted gear shift level, the four wheel tractor is well received by virtue of comfortable driving and convenient operation.
    1. 30-40HP Wheeled TractorThere is a sliding sleeve matched for the transmission and power output shaft of the farm tractor. Besides the gear shift, the shuttle shift and creeper gear are optional.
      The wet double disc brake device makes for outstanding brake performance and high safety of the agrimotor.
    1. 40-45HP Wheeled Tractor Possessing outstanding reliability and durability, our paddy field tractor has 3/4-cylinder direct injection diesel engine. In addition to the large torque, the device features low energy consumption and environment protection.
      The gear drive is 8F+4R. Specially, the gear configuration for the product of YTO-454 series is 8F+8R.
    1. 60-80HP Wheeled Tractor Our wheeled tractor has multiple gears and a wide speed range
      Hydraulic steering, small turning radius, good maneuverability
      The wet disc brake is equipped for reliable braking performance
      External double acting cylinder helps achieve large lifting force ...
    1. 70-95HP Wheeled Tractor The adjustable single or double-acting multi-way valve, as well as the 2 or 3 group hydraulic outputs, is conducive to the outstanding adaptability of our agricultural vehicle.
      Besides the nice appearance, our fully enclosed cab can be equipped with air condition system so as to offer the driver a high level of comfort.
    1. 100-130HP Wheeled Tractor The low fuel consumption contributes to energy saving and environmental protection.
      Reliable and durable, the transmission system for eco-friendly wheeled tractor is manufactured using advanced Italian technology, characterized by forced cooling, forced lubrication, and heavy load transmission.
    1. 160-220HP Wheeled TractorSpecially, this range of product is designed with double rear wheel for vigorous drive. Moreover, the stepless adjustable wheel track makes it available for the farm crops indifferent row spacing.
      The fully enclosed cab has wide vision. Equipped with heater, air conditioner, and audio and air dust filtering ...
Compared with 2 wheel drive tractor, 4 wheel drive tractor can be less heavy because of it has more traction. Due to its lighter weight, 4WD tractor will do less damage to the roads, fields and lawn, etc.
We at YTO are a 4 wheel drive tractor manufacturer and supplier in China. Featuring streamlined design, reliable performance and great durability, our 4WD tractors are highly sought after in countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Serbia, Japan, among others.
In addition to 4WD tractor, we also offer other products such as 2 wheel drive tractor, road roller, excavator, forklift, and more. Don't hesitate to contact for further information. We at YTO are looking forward to working with you!
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