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Crawler Bulldozer

Main Features
1. Installed with EURO II environmentally-friendly and energy-saving engines.
2. The main clutch which is adopted has been used in the Komatsu 180 Horsepower bulldozer, with such advantages as big torque reserve coefficient and long life.
3. The reducing throttle is equipped. When the bulldozer is traveling in the downhill grade or bumpy ground, the speed can be well controlled to strengthen the safety of operation.

4. Sealed track shall be adopted. Seal ring is provided at both ends of the pin sleeve of the sealed track to prevent entry of silt and other grinding materials.
5. The joystick is adopted in the control device, which is light and flexible.
6. Alarm electronic alarm system is applied to the electric system to improve operation comfort and monitoring reliability and timeliness.
7. The ground contact of travel system is long to improve the adhesion force and make full use of engine power.

Technical Specifications

Total Weight 17500kg
Max towing force ≥146KN
Engine model SC8D180.2G2B2
Engine rated power 120kw
Engine rated speed 2000r/min
Forward Ⅰ-Ⅴ gear 2.59~10.8km/h
ReverseⅠ-Ⅳ gear 3.6~10.8km/h
Track board width 500mm
Land pressure ≤68kpa
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 5245*3447*3040mm
Bulldozer shovel(W*H) 3447*1167mm
Max lifting height of bulldozer 915mm
Max in-soil depth of bulldozer shovel 400mm
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