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Crawler Excavator
  • E65
  • E140
  • W210LC
  • W230L
  • W330E
  • WY6-2
  • YW10B2da

Crawler excavator is equipped with a bucket in the front. It can excavate soil, coal, silt or other materials below or above the ground, and then load them onto transport vehicle or discharge them on stockyard. Thus, the excavating machinery is usually applied for the excavating operations of reservoir, stew and ditch, etc. It can also be used to clean the trench.
As a professional crawler excavator manufacturer in China, we can provide a wide range of excavating machinery to meet different excavating requirements.
For more information, please pay attention to the following descriptions.

1. SW210LC-5/SW230LC-5/SW330Es Crawler Excavator
1.1 Our SW210LC-5, SW230LC-5 crawler excavating machinery is equipped with Cummins 6BT5.9-C engine. SW330Es Excavator is fitted with Cummins 6CTA8.3-C engine. These high quality engines can offer strong power and they are characterized by low running noise, reliable performance and low fuel consumption.
1.2 The hydraulic valve, hydraulic pump and swing drive assembly are all purchased from KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD in Japan.
1.2.1 The hydraulic valve has locking function for swing arm and boom, and stick circuit regenerative system.

1.2.2 The hydraulic pump can give increased main pump flow and hydraulic oil tank capacity. Pilot gear pump is assembled to achieve sensitive operation. Integrated installation makes pipe connection and maintenance much easier.
1.2.3 The swing mechanism is designed with special valve to prevent it from swinging back. It is provided with shock absorption function and is durable and easy to operate.
1.3 The travel assembly purchased from NABTESCO can offer strong power and good self-cleaning performance. It is fitted with heavy duty lengthened chassis and sloping track frame.
1.4 Our crawler excavator is equipped with automatic idle system. When servo-valve stays in the neutral position for more than 5 seconds, CPU controller will stimulate stepping motor to reduce the swing speed to 1300rpm so as to reduce fuel consumption and noise.
1.5 The crawler excavating machinery can also be fitted with quartering hammer and concentrate lubricating system, if required.
1.6 SW210LC-5, SW230LC-5, and SW330Es crawler excavators differ from each other in traveling speed, swing speed, maximum vertical digging depth, maximum working radius and bucket capacity, etc. For example, the traveling speed of SW210LC-5 excavator is 5.4/3.1 km/h, of SW230LC-5 excavator is 5.5/3.5 km/h, of SW330Es excavator is 5.4/3.1 km/h. For more details, please refer to the parameter table.

2. WY6/E65/WY10B/E140 Crawler Excavating Machinery
2.1 WY6/E65
2.1.1 These crawler excavators are equipped with YANMAR engine which is energy saving and makes low noise. The exhaust emission conforms to Europe III standard.
2.1.2 Their variable and open-circuit hydraulic system, main pump, motor and valve are all purchased from internationally well-known manufacturers and are all of high reliability.
2.1.3 Monitor display and function control system are centralized in the intellectualized mini-type control panel. Furthermore, an acousto-optic alarm system is installed to ensure the normal operation.
2.1.4 The construction machinery is small in size and can revolve for 360°, so it can work in narrow places.
2.1.5 Various accessories are available, such as hammer, grab bucket, trimming-silt bucket, so as to meet different specific operational requirements.
2.1.6 Some parameters of WY6 excavating machinery
The rated power is 45KW. The rated speed is 2200 r/min. The maximum digging radius is 6100mm. The maximum digging height is 5330mm.
2.1.7 Some parameters of E65 crawler excavator
The rated power is 42.9 KW. The rear-end swing radius is 1650 mm. The maximum digging depth is 3820 mm.

2.2 WY10B/E140
2.2.1 The engine of our WY10B, E140 crawler excavator is manufactured by use of advanced British Ricardo technology. It features low fuel consumption and low running noise. Other engines are also available, upon request.
2.2.2 The main parts and sealing parts of the hydraulic system are all of high quality and reliable performance.
2.2.3 Various accessories are available, such as hammer, grab bucket, trimming-silt bucket, so as to meet different kinds of operating requirements.
2.2.4 Since monitor display and function control system are centralized in the intellectualized control panel, centralized control can be achieved.
2.2.5 Some parameters of WY10B crawler excavator
The rated power is 60KW. The maximum digging height is 5620 mm. The bucket capacity is 0.45 m3. The maximum digging height is 5620 mm.
2.2.6 Some parameters of E140 excavating machinery
The rated power is 88KW. The rear-end swing radius is 2200 mm. The maximum digging radius is 8460 mm.

In addition to crawler excavator, we also offer crawler tractor, wheel loader, combine harvester, and road roller, etc. If you would like more information, please click on the specific product page or contact us directly.

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