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Gasoline Forklift, LPG Forklift Truck  Rough Terrain Forklift Truck

As a professional China-based manufacturer of gasoline forklift truck and LPG forklift truck, we can provide various types of gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas fork trucks to our customers, including CPYD20, CPQD20, CPYD25, CPQD25, CPYD30 and CPQD30 forklifts.

1. High quality and reliable engine
Our gasoline forklift and LPG forklift trucks are equipped with Nissan engine. The engine is characterized by good performance, stable running, low running noise, low fuel consumption and low vibration.
2. Low carbon emission
The liquefied gas fuel can realize low carbon emission, which contributes to environmental protection.

3. Precise design and stringent test
All parts for fuel element are made by OEM of IMPCO in USA. They are precisely designed and have undergone strict test to ensure their good performance. Meanwhile, since the ignition point of liquefied gas is higher than that of gasoline, LPG has big potential vaporized heat value and self-cooling functions, and therefore the safety is greatly reinforced.
4. Easy and reliable operation
The fuel conversion between gasoline and liquefied gas is easy. The trailer loader is easy to operate and reliable in performance.
5. All-day, all-week system
Our gasoline forklift and LPG forklift trucks are fitted with large capacity gas storage tank, so the lift truck can work continually for 24hr or even 7 days.
6. Their load center is 500mm. When they are loaded, their travel speed is 18km/h. While when they are unloaded, their travel speed is 19km/h.
7. The rated capacity of our gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas can be 2000kg, 2500kg, and 3000kg.

In addition to gasoline forklift, LPG forklift truck and other construction machinery, we also offer wheeled tractor, harvester, pickup truck, garbage truck, sealed garbage truck, etc. The high quality and low price of these products make them popular with our customers in America, Australia, Asia, and more.
If you are in need of any of them, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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