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YTO crawler asphalt paver is mainly used to pave asphalt or other materials on the base course and surface course of roadways.
The commonly used road pavers are stone laying machine, asphalt finisher, concrete spreader, etc.
As an experienced crawler asphalt paver manufacturer in China, we have more than 50 years of experience in producing road construction equipment and can now provide a variety of road paving machines. The available models are MT6000A, MT6000S, MT7500A, MT7500S, MT9000A, MT9000S, MT12000A, and MT12000B.

1. Our crawler asphalt paver is equipped with Cummins engine. The engine can provide strong power and thus make the paving work much easier.
2. It uses high quality REXROTH hydraulic components and traveling speed reducer, ensuring its reliable performance, strong applicability, high reliability and good cost performance ratio.
3. Track type fully hydraulic drive enables the road paving equipment to conduct smooth paving and sheer off well on crooked road.
4. With optimized auger blade and REXROTH low-speed and large-torque motor, the distributor outputs a big torque as well as strong conveying power, thus reaching the paving compactness.
5. The microcomputer constant speed control system, two longitudinal and one transverse leveling system and ultrasonic material control system can work reliably, by virtue of imported high-quality electronic control components. In the meanwhile, accurate control can be realized.
6. Enlarged suction radiator enables the road paving machine to work continually for 24 hours.
7. The lengthened crawler, widened stronger screed, lengthened beam and enough power enables our crawler asphalt paver to meet various road construction and repair requirements.
8. The paving speed of our road paving machine is 0-14.8 m/min. The basic paving width is 3m. The paving smoothness is 3 mm/3m.

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